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Maths Tuition

Terms & Conditions



I will allocate a slot based on my availability.

If either of us need to change the slot, I will endeavour to replace it with a suitable alternative.


If I am travelling to you I reserve the right to vary the time slightly due to delays and possible traffic holdups.

Cancellation of a lesson


If you need to cancel a lesson, please give me adequate notice.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a £10 charge.

If you fail to inform me about a cancellation I will have to charge the full fee.


If you wish to, and I am able to, reschedule the session in the same week the cancellation fees will not apply.

Termination of tuition


I will assume that tuition will end as soon as the exams have been taken.


If you wish to terminate sessions before then, or you are having tuition for a course with no exam, please give 2 weeks notice.